Durex Avanti condoms are popular as the thinnest condoms available today! The Durex Avanti non-latex condom is ideal for folks who are allergic to latex. This lubricated and wider durex condom is made of ultra strong space age polyurethane material that allows for maximum heat transfer and sensation, enabling an exciting sex life!


Durex Avanti condoms are extremely safe

During the development of Durex Avanti, there was extensive research on condoms in several countries, including user trials to assess product acceptability, breakage and slippage rates. Independent clinical trials were also undertaken in the USA to confirm the contraceptive efficacy of Durex Avanti condoms. In fact, independent clinical data has confirmed that the breakage rate for Durex Avanti condoms is comparable to rates for natural rubber latex condoms.


How are Durex Avanti condoms different from latex condoms?

Durex Avanti condoms are manufactured from a unique material called “polyurethane” which is odorless and double the strength of natural latex. Hence, polyurethane enables a much thinner and more sensitive condom to be made than regular natural latex Condoms. You can avail the following benefits from Durex Avanti:

1.    Durex Avanti condoms provide increased sensitivity and help to protect against pregnancy and STI’s.

2.    Durex Avanti condoms are odorless.

3.    Durex Avanti condoms do not contain latex and therefore can be used by the small percentage of the population that are sensitive to natural rubber latex.

4.    Durex Avanti condoms are perceived to be more natural and comfortable.

5.    Unlike natural latex, Durex Avanti condoms are resistant to oil based lubricants.

6.    Durex Avanti condoms are more thermally conductive than regular natural latex condoms, for a more natural feeling.



Other benefits of Durex Avanti:

Durex Avanti is endowed with innumerable other benefits such as:

l  Thinner and more sensitive than regular latex condoms.

l  Each condom is individually tested for maximum reliability.

l  Durex Avanti is the world's first polyurethane male condom.

l  Durex Avanti condoms are made from a technologically advanced unique non-latex material ideal for latex sensitive people.

l  From Durex, the world's most loved condom brand, with over 70 years of quality experience.



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