Latex condoms are often talked about when purchasing condoms. If you are new to using condoms, you may want to explore this topic a bit. Specifically, this type of condom is ideal for most people. Latex is a material that is highly usable, easy to use, flexible and yet very durable. You are likely to have the level of protection you need when wearing this particular type of condom.

However, latex condoms are not right for everyone. In many cases, they can be a problem in terms of health. Latex is a material that some people are allergic too. If you do have an allergic reaction to the latex material itself, you should realize that there are alternatives in the condom marketplace that work just as well, but are not going to cause the same reaction.

If you are unsure if you have a problem with latex, consider a doctor's office visit. Many times, doctor's offices use latex gloves when doing examinations. If you have any type of bad reaction to those latex gloves, avoid latex condoms as well. You can be tested for a latex allergy, too.

Latex is more affordable than non latex based condoms. However, if you do need a product that is not made of latex, do invest in this product. It is very important for those who are allergic. Keep in mind that you can easily find both alternatives on the web.