If you are conscious about you and your partner’s health, you must buy condoms. Use of condoms helps prevent transmission of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD).

Condoms prevent male and female sexual organs to come into direct contact with each other during sexual intercourse. By doing so, it saves both the partners from getting infected in case either of them suffers from AIDS or any other sexually transmitted disease.


Another reason for buying condoms is that they are recognised as one of the safest contraceptives available in market. Unlike contraceptive pills, condoms are safe for health and have no side effects.


Also, one can buy condoms and enjoy greater sexual pleasure without worrying about unwanted pregnancy. Most Condom brands are manufactured with great care and promise 100% safety. They can withstand the force required for penetration and sexual intercourse and stay intact till the user reaches climax. Branded condoms do not tear or leak during sexual intercourse. 


There is yet another reason for buying condoms. One can buy ribbed condoms, vibrating condom ring, KV jelly, and herbal sexual enhancer to further boost his/her sexual pleasure.


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