If you are looking for a condom brand that not only offers reassurance and safety, but can also heighten sensations during sexual performance, buy Durex condoms. Durex offers a range of condoms that can add fun and excitement to your love life.


To begin with, there are Durex Ribbed condoms. These condoms have got uniquely positioned ribs and a straight shape that not only provides extra sensation, but also provide a closer fit. Plus, Durex ribbed condoms have got odour masker and non-spermicidal lubricant.


You can also buy Durex Pleasuremax. Its specially designed shape plus uniquely positioned ribs and dots in all the right places makes Durex pleasuremax an ultimate condom that provides extra intensity of feeling to both partners. If you want to control climax and prolong excitement for longer lasting lovemaking, you can buy Durex Performa. This Durex condom has a special Benzocaine lubricant inside the condom that helps achieve the above objective. Plus, Durex pleasuremax is easier to put on and provides a better fit and feel during love making.


Another great condom by Durex is Durex Fetherlite. It is the thinnest condom in the range and offers great enhancing sensitivity. Also, it is easier to put on, and provides a better fit and feel during lovemaking.


In addition to condoms, Durex also offers water based lubricants that can help enhance pleasure. For instance, there is Durex play; a classic, light, smooth, water-based lube that anyone can use. It’s non-sticky and non-greasy and can be used along with condoms for greater sensual experience for both partners. You can also buy Durex play Heat to create a warming, heightened sensation. It can be gently blown over the skin to make the sensations more intense.


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