With several condom brands in the market, it is natural to get confused when buying condoms. However, if you are looking for extra reassurance and safety, you can buy Mates condoms. A renowned condom brand, it offers both security and sensitivity.


Mates condoms are available in different shapes, sizes, and sensations. Mates ultra safe condoms, Mates natural condoms, Mates Thin condoms, Mates Endurance condoms, and Strawberry are some of the popular Mates condoms. 


If you are looking for security, you can buy Mates ultra safe condoms. These condoms have a contoured shape that gives a closer fit for greater security. And, if you are looking for sensation along with security, Mates Ultra Thin is an ideal choice. It is a super thin condom that is easy-to-wear and offers maximum sensitivity and natural feeling. 


Mates natural condoms are the ultimate for a natural feeing. Their unique flared shape makes them easier to put on and comfortable in use. For increased sensation and stimulation for both partners, Mates Xtra pleasure and Mates endurance condoms can be considered. 


This is not all. There are flavoured Mates condoms as well. You can enjoy that fruity smell by buying Mates Strawberry condom.


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