Of several condom brands in the market, such as Mates, Condomi, Pasante, EXS, Durex, and several others, Trojan condoms are considered as the most effective brand. The Trojan condoms have been trusted for more than 90 years and are the highest selling condoms in several parts of the world.


For the uninitiated, the Trojan condoms are made from superior quality latex that can withstand any amount of pressure during sexual intercourse. These condoms do not break, or leak during or after sex and thereby reduce the chances of unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease. Each Trojan condom is electronically tested to ensure its reliability before being sold in the market.


There are more than 29 varieties of the Trojan condoms- Trojan ultra thin condoms, Trojan Her pleasure Fingertip massager, Trojan vibrating ring, Trojan ultra-ribbed ecstasy, Trojan shared pleasure with warm sensations, and Trojan twisted pleasure condoms are few of them. You can choose from a range of Trojan condoms to enhance your sexual pleasure and at the same time, enjoy safe and well-protected sex.


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