With the growing consciousness in people about the benefits of enjoying safe sex, more and more people are choosing condoms as the popular method of not only birth control but also protecting themselves from sexually transmitted diseases. With the number of options available to you in the market you often get confused as to which brand of condom to buy. Here is a comparative study of two of the most popular brands of condoms: Durex condoms and Trojan Condoms which can help you in making a choice:-

·         Durex Condoms UK are the largest selling brand in Europe with Trojan coming a close second. But the scenario is reversed in the US market with Durex condoms being the runner ups while Trojan condoms enjoying the status as the number 1 brand.

·         Trojan scores over durex condoms in terms of the number of products which it has to offer. There are around 29 types of condoms which are offered by the Trojan with the most popular being Trojan Supra , ultra pleasure and Trojan Elexa which are marketed as super sensitive condoms. Trojan ultra thin Condoms with only .002 inch thickness are a popular choice as they give a feeling of natural pleasure to its users. Durex condoms on other hand offers 9 main variety of condoms with popular choices being durex love condoms and Ultimate feeling. Durex condoms were the the first to introduce durex avanti condoms developed using polyurethane for the people who are allergic to latex. Trojan’s answer to durex avanti condoms is Trojan supera made of the same material

·         Durex Avanti in comparison to Trojan Supera has seen to show better results. Tests conducted on Supera showed the tendency to break whereas durex condoms have proved to be stronger thus making them a better bet. Durex condoms are also larger and wider then the Trojan Supera

·         Durex avanti are also much thinner and offers extra sensitivity then its Trojan counterparts. Individual testing of each durex condoms ensures its high quality and absence of defective condoms in the pack.  Users also feel the absence of any contraceptive while enjoying the natural feel which is offered by Durex Avanti

·         Unlike Trojan supera, Durex Avanti transmits more heat and has a comfortable fit and good lubrication making love making a pleasurable experience. Also being larger in size they help in getting a firmer erection without causing any pain.

So select a suitable condom which will help you and your partner enjoy a night of pleasure by visiting websites such as www.condomchoice.co.uk.