Condomi Max Love Condoms

Where to start with the benefits of Condomi Max Love Condoms? Condmoi Max Love are the product for those times when enhanced performance is crucial, and their clever design means you can leave the hard work to your protection. Condomi Max Love are created using a lubricant with a clever ingredient – Benzocaine.

It may sound dull but its effects are not! Benzocaine temporarily (and mildly) desensitises nerve endings right where it counts, which prolongs your performance and lovemaking. Whether you’re just seeking extra confidence in your performance, or if you have struggled with premature ejaculation, Condomi Max Love Condoms go the extra mile to help you do the same. These transparent condoms are made using high quality, natural rubber Latex.

• Condomi Max Love Condoms include lubrication with a non-spermicidal, water-based combination of active ingredient Benzocaine and polyvalent alcohols.

• Product dimensions are L185mm, W52mm and thickness 0.07mm

• British Kite and CE quality marked.

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