Condomi Nature Condoms

If you like to keep things as natural as possible, with no distractions or added frills, then Condomi Nature Condoms are perfect for you. These condoms from Condomi are so natural that there isn’t much else to tell, and they’re just the product for those who need confident protection that won’t come between you and your experience.

Made using natural rubber Latex, these high quality condoms are transparent, unflavoured and come just as they are. Nature Condoms are lubricated with a non-spermicidal lubricant for comfort, so this product will keep things simple from start to finish. Sometimes, natural is best, and these Condomi condoms offer safety and reliability, leaving the rest down to you and your partner. Additional information on these condoms from Condmoi:

• This product is British Kite and CE quality marked.

• Dimensions of Condomi Nature Condoms: L185mm, W52mm and thickness 0.07mm.

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