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Contraceptives have existed since the existence of man and woman in this world. They are the integral part of everybody\'s life. Condom Choice offers contraceptives for both men and women. Condoms are the most common contraceptives for men and oral pills, female condoms are common among women. Safe sex ensures that male and female partners are protected from sexually transmitted diseases and undesired pregnancies. Condom Choice offers the best of reliable contraceptives in the whole of UK for both men and women.

Male Condoms
Male condoms are used by rolling it over the shaft of erect penis. Generally, latex is used for manufacturing male condoms, but other materials like lambskin or polyurethane are also used by some companies. A condom does not allow sperms to spill into the vagina by trapping them inside. Condom Choice offers you a vast collection of condoms of different shapes, sizes and flavours. Condom Choice allows easy online order at a click of mouse saving time and money for customers. Our online portal displays all products along with their detail descriptions about their characteristics and use. Prescribed usage of condom is very essential for safe sex and avoidance of pregnancy. Make sure to use a new condom every time you indulge in an intercourse, and never use two condoms simultaneously as they can tear because of the heat. Be careful while opening a condom pack as you might tear or puncture the condoms inside. Always check the expiry date of the condom. Do not store condoms in your wallet. If the condom appears to be sticky and rough then avoid using it.

Female Condoms
Female condoms are made of lubricated polyurethane that offers more protection against sexually transmitted diseases, especially AIDS. A Female Condom is a thin flexible plastic tube inserted into the vagina before contact. During the intercourse a soft ring present at the closed end of the tube is used for covering the cervix and holds it inside the vagina, whereas other ring located at the open end of the tube hangs outside the vagina. It does not allow urethra and vaginal fluids to come in contact, and hence prevents spreading of any sexually transmitted disease. The male and female condom must not be used simultaneously. The use of female condoms does not make sex less pleasurable for women. Condom Choice encourages women to use female condoms as it gives them more control. We offer women a diverse range of female condoms especially to suit their comfort levels. We offer a range of products at economical prices as compared to other online portals.

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