Crown Condoms

Let’s face it, porn stars know their stuff, so if they favour a brand of condom for its natural feel then it’s probably a safe bet! Crown is a favourite brand of condom with professional porn stars, as they’re almost like wearing nothing at all.

Known as ‘skinless skin’, Crown condoms offer reliable protection that leaves you free to get closer. Crown condoms not only feel barely there (which is impressive enough!) but even better, they’re barely noticeable. The light pink appearance of these condoms, and silky texture make it a sensual choice that you’ll forget they’re even there. With a pink tint for a subtle look, and a surprisingly thin texture Crown Condoms leave you feeling everything.

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More information:
•    Lubricated condoms, with a pink tint and reservoir tip
•    Each condom is tested individually
•    Reliable protection
•    The closest thing to nothing at all!

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