Are you one of those who use Durex condoms to enjoy greater safety and reassurance? But, do you know that Durex condoms can enhance your sexual pleasure too? Well, there is a huge range of Durex condoms that can add fun and excitement to your sex life.


For the uninitiated, there are Durex Ribbed condoms, Durex Pleasuremax, Durex Fetherlite, Durex Play, and many others. All these Durex condoms are made specially to offer greater sensation to the user. For instance, Durex ribbed condoms have uniquely positioned ribs on them plus a straight shape for close tight fit. They are one of the best in the range of Durex condoms if you want to add zing to your love life.


Durex Pleasuremax has ribs and dots in all the right places to heighten the intensity of feeling during the act of love making. This is not all. There are Durex condoms that can help you control climax for longer lasting lovemaking.  Durex Performa is a unique condom made with a special Benzocaine lubricant that helps prolong the excitement. Also, it is a close fit durex condom that makes it easy and comfortable to use.


You may also try Durex Fetherlite. It is one of the thinnest condoms in the market and offers great sensitivity and excitement to both the partners.


As well as condoms, Durex also offers lubricants for enhancing sexual pleasure. Durex play, a classic, light, smooth, water-based lube when used along with condoms would add fun and excitement to your sexual experience. However, if you wish to further intensify the sensations, you can buy Durex Play Heat. When blown gently over the skin, it creates a warming sensation.


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