There are several brands of condoms that you can find in UK which include Trojan condoms, Mates condoms, Avanti condoms and Durex condoms. All are trusted brands, but the durex condoms UK has been more popular due to its variety and price factor. Durex is a world leader in condoms and this brand name is an acronym of three prominent English words – Durability, Reliability and Excellence. So, the Durex condoms UK find a loyal customer base and they do maintain their standards to please all their customers with different types of condoms. You can find Durex condoms easily in some large stores around you.


You will find lots of online leading stores in UK who are ready at your service to provide you range of online condoms. Their collection includes Trojan Condoms UK, Durex condoms UK, Mates Condoms, Avanti Condoms and more. You just need to select the type of condom you wish to get for your pleasure and the condoms are immediately dispatched for you at door delivery. You don’t have to worry about payments. You can pay online using your credit card.


The Durex Condoms UK has undergone numerous changes and they have reached a stage today where they are able to provide you some excellent products for those intense moments. They are one of the leading largest condom manufacturers in the UK and have a range of premium Condoms which a loyal customer base always prefers. Below mentioned are some products of Durex condoms UK.


Performa from Durex: This has a special lubricant inside the condom that helps the delay of climax and prolongs the sexual excitement. Imagine a sex that lasts longer and longer. This is a perfect pick for those who want to enjoy every moment of sex.


Durex Extra Safe Condoms: Designed extra thick and extra lubricated for the extra pleasure. This is for those who are afraid of using thin condoms.


Durex Pleasuremax Condoms: These condoms are designed with extra dots, ribs and maximize the stimulation of both the partners. Buy such durex condoms UK to feel the real pleasure of sex.


There are more varieties of durex condoms UK which include products like: Durex Close Fit Condoms, Durex Avanti Ultima Condoms, Durex Select Condoms, Durex Gossamer Condoms, Durex Sensation Condoms, Durex Ribbed Condoms  to name a few.


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