Durex condoms are one of the most widely used condoms all over the world. Made with the finest quality raw materials, Durex condoms are electronically tried and tested for reassurance and reliability.


There are several types of Durex condoms available in the market. Durex tingle condoms, Durex elite condoms, Durex Extra Safe, Durex select, Durex Ribbed condoms, Durex pleasure max, Durex goassamer, and Durex Performa are few of them.


If you are looking for condoms that can heighten your sexual pleasure, you can buy Durex Tingle condom. Coated in a special lubricant, this Durex condom creates a gentle tingling sensation, and heightening stimulation for both partners. Plus, its easy-on-shape provides extra comfort and a better fit and feel. Durex pleasuremax, Durex Fetherlite, Durex performa, and Durex play are also effective for enhancing sexual pleasure.


Durex elite condoms are another popular condom. These are incredibly thin condoms with easy to put on shape and extra lubricant that provides a better fit and increased sensitivity during sex. For the ultimate reassurance, you can also buy Durex Extra safe condoms. Although slightly thicker, these condoms are easier to put on and are extra lubricated to provide a better feel during lovemaking.


Those, who are allergic to the latex, can buy Durex Avanti Ultima condoms. They are non-allergenic condoms made from a revolutionary non-latex, super soft material. Therefore, there are Durex condoms for one and all. One can easily select the Durex condom that meets your mood and individual requirement.


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