Among the most talked about benefits of a condom, its ability to ensure a safe sexual session is the most attractive one. In fact, these products were invented mainly as contraceptive methods and for fighting against sexually transmitted diseases. The condoms like Durex extra safe are most recommended products in this direction. However, there are some companies, which boast of providing dependable condoms, but fail to keep up their promises. With reputed companies like Durex, one doesn’t have to worry about ineffectiveness of these products as these are manufactured with care.


Safe as Contraceptive Product


Birth control is effectively achieved with the help of various contraceptive methods, condoms being the most recommended products for this purpose. It has been proved that these products are useful in 98% of the cases. The products like Durex extra safe are manufactured with great care to withstand the force required for penetration and sexual intercourse. These condoms are prepared to stay intact till the climax and not to tear in the middle. Thus, you can trust these products for safety against unwanted pregnancy.


Fighters against STD's


The products like Durex extra safe condoms are manufactured to restrict the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. These products disallow the direct contact between the sexual organs of two opposite genders and also restrict the transfer of semen from male to female. Also, these products are beneficial for oral sexual pleasures, without fearing about the transmission of infections. This is the reason that these durable products are available in different flavours and carrying different odours to add worth to your sexual pleasure. 


Better than Alternative Methods


Durex extra safe and other similar products are much better than alternative contraceptive products like birth control pills. These pills can pose the threat of a number of side-effects for a woman, while condoms are absolutely free from any such side effects. Moreover, these condoms are easy to use and can enhance your sexual pleasure, which is not possible with any other method used for birth control. And, you can’t expect the pills to save you from transmission of STDs.


Thus, you can prefer Durex extra safe condoms for a number of advantages offered by them. There are many other varieties of products offered by the company, including Durex sensation and Durex tingle, which are equally eligible of providing safety as well as pleasure in your sexual experience. You can find all these varieties at different online stores such as known for selling Durex condoms.