Condoms are no more considered as tools designed only for contraceptive methods. Apart from controlling undesirable pregnancy and fighting sexually transmitted diseases, the condoms like Durex pleasuremax have become popular for another good reason. The innovative ideas of various manufacturing companies have come up with condom designs to allow you to take your sexual enjoyment to anew height. With all new shapes, styles, flavours and lubricants, these condoms have gone few steps further than their ancestors to become the necessity for a lovemaking session.


Condoms with Thin Layers


There are condoms like Durex pleasuremax, which are manufactured with thin walls to provide more than expected pleasure to men. These condoms are smoother than others and have a balanced amount of lubricants to allow a penis to move smoothly inside the vagina. The thin layers allow the penis to rub the walls of vagina closely, generating a sensation of enjoyment in the body or male sex participant. Thus, these products have overshadowed the presence of general condoms in the market.


Condoms with Dots and Ribs


Few years back, nobody would have thought of creating dotted condoms for sexual pleasure. Also, the ribbed condoms are in fashion these days for the purpose of enhancing the value of pleasure during lovemaking. These condoms are especially designed to gratify the desires of women, as these spots on the condom can produce an electrifying sensation inside the vagina of a woman. Thus, women are becoming more conscious in buying products like Durex pleasuremax for their partners, so that both of them can enjoy the heat of sexual process.


Condoms with Flavours and Odours


Oral sex is becoming a topic of debate among sexual partners and people around the world practice this sexual activity. In order to enhance the pleasure of oral sex, the condoms like Durex pleasuremax are manufactured with different flavours like banana, strawberry, mint and many more. Also, these condoms are endowed with different types of odours to flame the desires further. These special types of condoms are becoming extremely popular among men and women around the world.


Thus, you have all the good reason to purchase products like Durex pleasuremax so that you can preserve the memory of your magnificent lovemaking facilitated by these products. You can search for these condoms or other varieties like Durex elite, Durex gossamer and Durex extra safe, so that your needs and desires are met by these products. For more details on condoms, visit websites such as