EXS City Mix Condoms

EXS City Mix Condoms are just the product for those times when you want to get up close and personal with the feeling that there’s NOTHING between you both. This brightly packaged selection of EXS condoms is made with ever so slightly thinner rubber latex than other products, to make you feel closer just when you need to.

City Mix Condoms are silicone lubricated for maximum comfort and increased sensuality, and are created using thinner, natural rubber latex to enhance the natural feel for both partners and offer added sensitivity.
EXS City Mix Condoms are designed to the exacting standards of quality demanded by all EXS ranges, and they are fully compliant with all safety standards. We offer this product in 3 pack sizes below.


About this product:
•    City Mix Condoms contain thinner, natural rubber latex
•    Silicone lubricated
•    Teat ended and transparent
•    Feel even closer!


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