EXS Delay Condoms

Delay Condoms from EXS put off ejaculation and heighten satisfaction! This clever condom prolongs love making and increases performance through use of a mild anaesthetic cream which helps to delay climax. A small amount of the cream de-sensitizes the tip of the penis to prolong erection and result in pleasure that lasts longer for both partners.

This product was designed by EXS to help enhance love making and avoid premature ejaculation, so the excitement lasts even longer every time. As the condom does the work for the wearer, he can relax and enjoy the moment without worrying. Delay Condoms are created to the exacting quality specified by all products from EXS, and they meet all existing safety standards. EXS are not only the new name in safe sex, but also THE name in good sex!

Delay Condoms:

· Lengthen sexual excitement

· Non-spermicidally lubricated

· CE quality marked

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