EXS Silk Lubricant 50ml pump

EXS Silk Lubricant:

A personal water based sensual lubricant.

The product never gets sticky, will not stain fabrics and washes off easily. Unlike some similar products, EXS Lubricant contains no harmful ingredients, allowing you to experience love making that will drive you both wild.

EXS Lubricant is a new brand of smooth, silky lubricants that allow both partners to slide together closer than ever before.

Lovers who enjoy getting as close as possible will love this easy to apply, non-stick lubricant, allowing a painless, pleasurable experience for men and women.

About EXS Lubricants

All our lubricants have the CE Mark and meet the highest European Regulations for lubricants. Our lubricants are not only enjoyed in a sexual health arena, they can also be used for medical purposes.

None of our lubricants contain Parabens. All our lubricants contain Aloe Vera for soothing properties, and are none runny, non tacky, slippery water based products.

After extensive research, we have discovered a unique formulation which will surpass most lubricants on the european market, with the added bonus of integrated health benefits.


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