Contraception, popularly known as birth control, is a regimen of one or more actions, devices, or medications followed in order to deliberately prevent pregnancy or childbirth. It is a mechanism that is intended to reduce the likelihood of a sperm cell fertilizing the egg. Now-a-days, varied kinds contraceptives are available in the market such as condoms, contraceptive pills and many more.


How to perform Contraception?

Contraception can be performed through the following ways:

l  Physical methods – Physically preventing the sperms from entering the vagina.

l  Hormonal methods – These methods provide a variety of delivery methods: combined oral contraceptive pill, patch, combination of synthetic oestrogens and progestins, contraceptive vaginal ring.

l  Emergency contraception – Copper intrauterine devices are inserted within five days of unprotected sex or birth control failure.

l  Barrier methods – A physical impediment is placed inside the female reproductive organ to prevent the movement of sperms.

l  Surgical sterilization – This method prevents sperm from joining the unfertilized egg.

l  Induced abortion – Drugs are used to prevent pregnancy.

l  Intrauterine methods – Copper-containing contraceptive devices are placed inside the uterus.

l  Behavioral methods – It involves the regulation of timing or means of intercourse to prevent entering of sperm into the vagina, when an egg is present.


Contraceptives for women

Innumerable forms of contraceptives are presently available for women such as:

l  Female condoms

l  Injections

l  Birth control pills

l  Sponges

l  Birth control patches

l  Intrauterine devices.


Contraceptives for men

Till date, two forms of contraceptives are available for men – 1) vasectomy and 2) condoms. Vasectomy is the process where a man is permanently prevented from impregnating women. Through this surgical procedure, the male testicles would be prevented from secreting and releasing sperm cells. Such a procedure is totally safe and does not harm the sexual performance and virility of men.

Condoms are so far the most popular and widely used forms of contraceptives used by men. Condoms can be easily used and is very much accessible across the market. Men can easily buy these contraceptives from the grocery stalls and different retailers. Apart from easy access, condoms are also very logical and easy to use. They are now attractively packaged and marketed so that consumers can find them more easily and better. Such contraceptives are also less costly compared to other forms of birth control methods and tools.


Benefits of Durex Avanti Condoms

Durex Avanti are polyurethane condoms which are widely preferred over latex condoms due to the following reasons:

1.    Durex Avanti condoms are odorless as they don’t have the pungent odor of latex.

2.    Durex Condoms are super-thin and offer extraordinary sensitivity.

3.    They are non-allergenic.

4.    They are made from a unique polyurethane material that is double the strength of natural latex.

5.    The increased heat transfer of the material provides a much more pleasing sensation.


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