KY Jelly

KY Jelly is a reliable classic.

This trusted lubricant from Johnson & Johnson is simple yet effective, and it’s fuss-free too. KY Jelly is a water-based lube that’s suitable for use with condoms and perfect for those who prefer simple pleasure with no fuss. KY Jelly is water soluble, and as it’s not greasy or sticky it’s always been a favourite brand. Whether for sexual or medical use, this easy to use lubricant keeps the focus on the job in hand.

KY Jelly is recommended by Gynaecologists, so you can feel confident in its safety and effectiveness. Even better, KY Jelly is long-lasting, so however you use it you’ll see the effects for as long as you need them with little need for reapplication.

More information:
•    Condom compatible lubricant
•    Non greasy and non sticky
•    Fragrance free and alcohol free
•    Recommended by Gynaecologists

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