Condoms have amazingly evolved over each passing year. Since 1884, when rubber latex was first used to make condoms until 1912, when the first condom brand Fromm's was started, there have been innumerable opinions on the overall efficiency and usefulness of condoms. Presently, varied types and designs of condoms are available for different personalities of people.


Why are Condoms popular among contraceptives?

Condom is the easiest, least expensive, and least intrusive method of contraception. Most people prefer condoms to other contraceptives for the following reasons:

l  Condoms are a highly reliable method of birth control when used properly.

l  Condoms are widely available in pharmacies, supermarkets and can also be ordered online from many well established websites.

l  Condoms are easy to use.

l  Condoms are a necessity for busy people in modern society.

l  Condoms are only required when you are having sex.

l  Condoms can enhance the sexual experience because they are available in many sizes, shapes, textures, and flavours.

l  Condoms are neat and tidy and make sex less messy.

l  Condoms have no medical side effects.


Most popular condoms in UK

Now-a-days, all the markets are loaded with varied styles of condoms. The search for the best and most comfortable condom style is on. Two brands that are extremely popular in UK are:

1) Durex Avanti - Durex Avanti condoms are manufactured from “polyurethane” which is odorless and double the strength of natural latex. Polyurethane enables a much thinner and more sensitive condom to be made than regular natural latex condoms. Durex Avanti condoms provide the following utilities:

l  Durex Avanti condoms are more thermally conductive than regular natural latex Condoms, for a more natural feeling.

l  Durex Avanti condoms are odorless.

l  Durex Avanti condoms provide increased sensitivity and help to protect against pregnancy and STI’s.

l  Durex Avanti condoms are resistant to oil based lubricants.

l  Durex Avanti is the world's first polyurethane male condom.

l  Each condom is individually tested for maximum reliability.


2) Trojan – Trojan condoms in UK are popular as one of the best marketed and packaged condom. Trojan condoms have specific products and condom designs for specific and segmented users and consumers. The most popular types of Trojan condoms are:  Twisted Pleasure condoms, Climax control condoms and Supra Condoms.



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