Durex has been launching variety of condoms with different innovative features and needless to say all products launched by the company have been accepted and appreciated by customers all over the world. Durex select is one of the variety of condoms offered by this brand and is endowed with many wonderful features. Apart from apposite dimensions, this pack of 12 condoms carries all required features to facilitate a safe and pleasured sexual experience.


Safe Product for Your Needs


Durex Select can be easily placed in the category of safe condoms, as this product has been designed carefully to perform its task. It is helpful in controlling pregnancy and preventing the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. It contains a non-spermicidal lubricant, which doesn’t allow the condom to slip out of the penis. Thus, it is easy to use, comfortable to wear and doesn’t demand extra care from your side. Thus, durability, reliability and excellence; all three trademarks of Durex condoms are offered by this variety as well. 


Adding Fun to Your Desires


Durex select is among those products, which are not meant for contraceptive purposes only. These condoms can add fun to your sexual intercourse for a number of reasons:


§  There are variety of condoms available with a number of exciting flavours like banana, strawberry, orange and mint. And for a change, it is also available in kiwi fruit flavour.

§  The condoms are available in different colours, so that you can make your lovemaking session colourful.

§  Apart from offering taste, the flavours used in Durex select condom also render odour to these products, making them different from boring condoms with no flavours and odours.


Available at Reasonable Prices


Apart from offering safety and fun during sexual intercourse, the Durex select condoms also offer profitable deals, as these are available at reasonable price tags. You can purchase them from online stores and save shipping costs, as majority of online stores ship these products free of cost.


You are fortunate to live in the world, where such good products exist to extract real fun out of lovemaking sessions with your partners. Thus, you can enjoy every moment of lovemaking without worrying about any type of safety threat. There are many more varieties of condoms, like Durex pleasuremax, Durex play, Durex performa and Durex ribbed which are available at online stores and can suit your requirements. All you need to do is find a reputed store such as www.condomchoice.co.uk for shopping these products.