The promotions to use condoms by government agencies, NGOs and other organizations on large scale have provided effective results. People have become much aware on the advantages of using condoms. But still the big question is – “is a condom safe?” Can a condom help in safe sex? Where do I buy good quality and safe condoms? These are some of the questions which worry many of us. If you are one of them then put your worries to rest. Condoms have been designed for our benefits, our pleasure and to keep us safe from all dangers – Sexually Transmitted Diseases and unwanted or premature pregnancies.


The increase rate of teen sex in UK is really alarming! Having unsafe sex not only increases chances of encountering sexually transmitted diseases, getting pregnant at a premature age is very distressing for a teen mother because she is not mentally & physically prepared for it and hence there could be serious consequences of such pregnancies. Therefore it becomes moral duty of parents or elders to provide sex education to their children.


There are organizations and amateur people who are working in condom safety talks and issues. Condom safety talks are not only about using condoms and preventing diseases or pregnancies. There are many people who don’t like the use of synthetic latex or Condoms because they feel it take away the real pleasure of having natural sex. Therefore the condom safe talks should also include the subject matter of variety of condoms that are available in market, how it enhances pleasure of your partner, how the Ribbed Condoms or dotted condoms or the ultra thin condoms have been designed to give that extra pleasure and how one should use the condoms.


A number of brands of condoms are available in the markets today that provide large variety of cheap and wonderful condoms in different packs. There are Avanti condoms, Durex condoms, Trojan condoms and others. When we talk of condom safety and other issues we generally mean male condoms. But there are female condoms too in the market which are manufactured by such brands. To learn more on condom safe and quality of condoms visit