Trojan Her Pleasure Condoms

Brace yourselves for this one, as Trojan Her Pleasure Condoms do not mess around when it comes to a good time for both of you! The lower part of the condom shaft includes 11 rows of cleverly alternating ribs just to make sure that she gets sensitive stimulation in all the right places.

And this Trojan condom doesn’t forget the guys either, the extra wide head is designed to give them all the room they need and more, so it’s win win. Her Pleasure Condoms from Trojan cover all bases with their advanced texture and extra space, and this new product shows Trojan get that it’s all about the details.

More about Trojan Her Pleasure:
•    Non Spermicidally lubricated
•    This nipple ended condom is clear and carefully textured

Whether you opt for just the one to start with or a pack of 3, you’ll both be pleasantly surprised!

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