The rise of teen pregnancies throughout the world is an alarming situation. Though it is understood that sex is something related to your hormones and over which you don’t  always have control, a precautionary step is always better than suffering. Condoms act as the best contraceptives. There can be no better way to prevent pregnancies than to use condoms.


The number of teen pregnancies and complications worry many parents about their teenage children who may be sexually active. That is not something to worry about. But they are concerned of their safety and pregnancy issues. Safe sex is must for all conditions. Even married couples who are not prepared to have a child can be shattered by an unwanted pregnancy. Therefore they try to find out methods of contraception.


An unwanted pregnancy is a mental burden. A woman who is not prepared to have a child may suffer from depression, anxiety and other problems all of sudden when she discovers she is pregnant. The horror of abortion is another story associated with it. Therefore one should always play safe and think of contraception before having sex. In some cases when there was no way to escape, emergency contraception is available in the form of pills which the female partner must take within 72 hours of sex. But repeated taking of such pills is not healthy.


Contraception pills and other drugs which are available for women too have side effects and they are basically meant for married couples who are now having a complete family planning. But girlfriends and boyfriends don’t get the time to make such planned steps. Therefore the best way of contraception for them is to use condoms. There are many people who don’t like the use of synthetic latex or Condoms because they feel it takes away the real pleasure of having natural sex. Therefore the condom safety talks should also include the subject matter of variety of condoms that are available in market, their flavour, how it enhances pleasure of your partner, how the Ribbed Condoms or dotted condoms or the ultra thin condoms have been designed to give that extra pleasure and how one should use the condoms. Get condoms for that extreme pleasure and also as a means of having contraception.


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