Durex true to its portmanteau “Durability, Reliability & Excellence” has been a faithful companion in your sojourn for pleasure. Durex condoms are marketed by SSL international a UK based multinational which was earlier registered as London Rubber Company. Durex Avanti is one of the leading products manufactured by Durex condoms UK.

Being the most popular condoms brand in UK and second largest selling brand in US Durex condoms are the market leaders in producing polyurethane condoms and produces around 1 billion units of prophylactic sheaths in its 17 factories across the globe. Durex company produces 9 varieties of latex condoms the most popular being ultra thin, ribbed condoms. Condoms like Ramses and Sheikh are more popular in US.

Durex Condoms UK became very popular with the introduction of Durex Avanti which was developed using polyurethane unlike the rubber latex that is being commonly used for making condoms. Polyurethane condoms have especially proved beneficial for the condom users suffering from “latex rot “an allergic reaction caused due to the use of latex based condoms. First of its kind to be launched in the market, the following reasons make Durex Avanti a hot bet over its counter parts:-

·         Durex Avanti makes your love making much more pleasurable due to its more natural feel then the latex condoms. Besides being extremely thin they also offer the users extraordinary sensitivity making sexual intercourse very pleasurable.

·         Made up of polyurethane which is an organic polymer, these condoms are free from the pungent odor usually associated with the Latex condoms. Being odorless make durex avanti condoms strike over their counterparts

·         People prone to get allergies from the use of latex condoms get a definite bonus by use of durex avanti which are non allergic.

·         Because of being made up of organic material these condoms have more natural feel which increases the transfer of heat making it as good as having sex without using a condom. Things surely can’t get hotter than this.

·         Another important factor which makes durex avanti stand apart from its counterparts like Trojan Condom , Mates condom UK is that being made up of polyurethane they are more stronger then condoms made up of latex. Because of the higher strength that is offered by polyurethane there is lesser chance of condom breakage which makes them a powerful method of contraception.

Odorless, strong, ultra thin with a natural feel are some of the pluses which makes durex avanti the hottest word in town. For more details take help from sources such as www.condomchoice.co.uk.