A large number of people in the UK and other parts of the world buy male condoms. Male condoms offer protection against sexually transmitted diseases by preventing male sperm getting in contact with the female vagina. Also, condoms help one avoid unwanted pregnancy. However, if you are looking for greater security, it is advisable to buy female condoms.

A female condom is made of lubricated polyurethane that offers greater protection against sexually transmitted diseases. It is available in the form of a thin plastic tube with a soft ring at its closed end. When the female condom is inserted inside the vagina, its ring covers the cervix and prevents fluids from the vagina and urethra to come in contact.

As well as offering protection against sexually transmitted disease, the female condoms also help enhance sexual pleasure. As men are not required to use the male condoms if their partners are using the female condoms, they experience greater sensations and pleasure during sexual intercourse.

Like male condoms, female condoms are also available in a huge variety. There are female condoms in various sizes, flavours, brands, and price range to suit varied needs and budget. The female condoms are easily available at over-the counter medical stores, as well as, at online condom stores.

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